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Going Beyond the Limit

World Record Holder, World Champion and Paralympic Gold Medalist.

Confident, strong and outgoing characterizes this dynamic woman whoHolding a Presentation exemplifies the qualities of a Canadian and world Champion. Continually maintaining a positive attitude as she strives to “be the best that she can be,” she encourages those around her to do the same. Lilo’s involvement with high performance sport, while coping with the gradual loss of her sight, has made her story sought after by both local and national media. Given her experience and her keen sense of humor, Lilo is a powerful and fascinating speaker who captures the heart and soul of everyone she meets.

What Conference Organizers are saying about Lilo’s presentations:

“Without reservation I can say your presentation was a highlight of the (Partnerships Unlimited Program) weekend… I was deeply impressed with how you turned an overwhelming stumbling block into a magnificent stepping stone – not only in your athletic, but spiritual journey.”

Pauline R. Mostert, Director of Development, It is Written.

“Your talk about the challenge of change was very timely and inspirational. A number of employees spoke to me after… They felt they could apply what you said to their own life and were feeling inspired about how they could handle future change.”

Paula Knight, Manager of Human Resources, BC Hydro.

“It takes dedication, commitment and perseverance to win Olympic medals; it takes something more to win the hearts of people. You have that something more.”

Peter Hoffman, Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs

Speaking Fees:

The fee to be negotiated. Please contact Lilo from the contact page for info.

** Transportation expenses to be charged on top of fees, this includes taxi fares for all meetings,
airfare (include two round-trip tickets), hotel accommodations, meals and all incidental charges associated with the event.

Pictures From Recent Presentations

Recent Presentation Titles:

“Come along on this exciting journey with me and I will share some of what has helped me make my dreams a reality.”

“Making Your Dreams Come True – “
Ljiljana’s Olympic and Paralympic Experiences.
Surprisingly detailed and visually descriptive, Lilo leads her audience on the journey of her Olympic and Paralympic experiences. From the time of her youth, dealing with a degenerative condition of her eyes, to when she became a World and Paralympic Champion, this uplifting and inspirational story captures everyone’s heart. Lilo’s passion for living drove her toward a very powerful dream. Her strength and drive to reach that goal helped her overcome the obstacles that her lack of sight caused along her journey. Her message, “All things are possible if you dare to dream and dare to go after those dreams.”

“By accepting responsibility for what you have been blessed with, and by using these simple steps, you too can realize your short and long term goals.”

“Be The Best That You Can Be”
Lilo’s Four Steps to Success.
Lilo believes that reaching one’s personal potential is the most important aspect of life. As important, life is about who you become en route, because you gain tools along the way that can be taken to the next goal and the next journey. In this presentation, Lilo highlights her four steps to success. These steps include: Being one’s personal best, which includes challenging yourself to do the best with what you have been given, having and setting goals, The power of teamwork and learning the ability to focus.

“Change… Are you a victim or it’s architect? I believe is all a matter of perspective.”

“The Challenge of Change; the Promise of Diversity”
Lilo looks at change as an opportunity for growth. She suggests that one uses the diverseness of one’s resources in creative and meaningful ways. Lilo relates the changes of her life as she went through her gradual eyesight loss to the change that employees of a changing work force are going through. Her message for everyone is that change does not always have to be negative, and met with adversity. Rather, if you embrace change as best you can, and approach it with a positive attitude, ultimately it can give way to long term personal growth and improvement.

“Accept No Limits – Seeing Beyond the Disability to the Ability”
An important message for able-bodied and disabled people, Lilo encourages individuals to find strength within themselves, using techniques that she has used to help herself. Lilo presents her proactive approach to getting in control and finding one’s inner vision (the inner sight) by offering solutions on how to face life’s challenges and not backing away, or being intimidated, by difficult situations. Lilo explains, “We all have self perceived limitation’s, of which I strongly believe in taking a ‘no-limit’ approach to life.”