What conference organizers are saying about Lilo’s Presentations:


Thank you for such a riveting presentation. You are absolutely captivating and deliver
such a heartfelt message. Thank you!

AVID 10, 11 & 12
Sands Secondary School


You were fabulous. You are fabulous. And Christ in you has made you priceless!

Thanks so much


Tom Cooper
City In Focus

Hello Lilo,

I want to thank you again for this incredible talk. Students from grade 6 to 12 came to me to thank me for having initiated the talk because they were incredibly inspired by you. I was glad to see the most mischievious boys having big eyes thinking about something entirely different than teasing girls.
Furthermore it was so nice to see how amazed the students were and also how many questions they had. I hope you had a good time in our school and that our students made an overall good impression on you. I am confident that you left an incrible impression and that our students took more than just information out of it. You brought inspiration and amazement. I personally was amazed about how keen and ambitious you were and are in your actions.

Thank you so much for having invested the time into our school, I think I can speak for the staff and the student body that we all were incredibly honored to listen to your wisdom and experience.

Greetings from a new fan of yours,


Dear Lilo,

I recently heard great reviews of your talk from the folks at Business by the Book at the Coastal Church, Vancouver. I just wanted to let you know that it was a true pleasure to have met you today; rarely does one have the opportunity to meet someone so strong, inspirational and caring. It really realigns my perspective.

Thank you very much and take good care,

Hola Lilo
Espero ya te encuentres descansando. Aprovecho para agradecerte tu compañia invaluable en el Simposio,
tu presentación fue espectacular, cuenta siempre con mi aprecio y amistad.

Juan Carlos Penas


It was so wonderful to meet you today – your interview was pure poetry in motion Lilo!!
I am excited about editing your piece because it was so dynamic.

Thank you for coming in to talk to us. I’m hoping you’ll be able to join us at the opening in October.
Warmly and with heartfelt gratitude on behalf of everyone at ProMOTION Plus and the
BC Sports Hall of Fame.

PITA - The best of teaching
Dear Lilo:

On behalf of the executive PITA (Provincial Teachers Association) and the 400 teacher delegates who attended the PITA fall conference, I want to thank you for your most warm and enthusiastic keynote address…

3M Logo

Dear Lilo:
Thank you for speaking at this year’s 3M Professional Office Support Staff Recognition Event called ‘The Challenge of change’!

Challenges are inevitable. Defeat is optional! Your remarkable life story prove that optimism and resilience can triumph over personal and professional obstacles…

Credential Group
Dear Lilo:

I am writing to thank you for your enthusiastic participation at Credential Group Summit in Kananaskis, Alberta last month.

As you know this was our first national conference for our top sales representatives, and we wanted to provide a motivational and inspiration presentation to set the tone for a weekend of learning and personal growth…

Air BC Logo
Dear Lilo:

Thank you for speaking to our annual management conference. The halls of airBC are still buzzing with your praise. Everyone seems to have personalized one or more of your catch phrases. In what seemed to us to be a very short hour, you managed to inspire every individual in the room, no matter what their background, as well as make your presentation relevant to airBC…

The Dominion Company Logo
Dear Lilo:

Thank you very much for speaking to The Dominion Company employees at the kick off to our United Way Campaign. After meeting prior to our event, I had complete confidence that you were the right person to motivate the staff.

Your ambition and accomplishments are admirable and your attitude towards “making the best out of what you have been given” inspires new hope…